QViz - Queue Visualizer

QViz is a portable visualization software for QoS settings of your routers. Especially the kind of hell Linux's tc(8) thing is capable of making. It connects to the router using SSH and fetches the data by parsing standard iproute2 commands, which kind of tells:

My bachelor thesis (in Czech) describes not just the program, but the whole of Linux's and OpenBSD's QoS frameworks. They forced us to make a poster (PDF), (Inkscape SVG). Too bad you can't understand it, because it's also in Czech. But it's all trivial, anyway, and not worth looking at. Chapter 5 talks about the program, if you like deciphering weird languages with hyperlinks in them.

Requirements (USE=tk emerge -DNav paramiko)

Download (xzdec and python setup.py [install|bdist_wininst|...])

Known bugs (yes. up there, I meant it.)

Screenshots (don't expect real-world scenarios)

default view of key/val tuples connecting weird hierarchies correctly the basic filter the bpf filter
Martin Pelikán (with mailbox in 'pelikan' at the storkhole.cz server)